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Our employees are at the core of our business. Promoting a culture of inclusion has been a cornerstone of our strategy since the beginning and is woven throughout our organization. As a global company, we understand that diverse perspectives are key to our company’s ability to grow and innovate for our customers. We value all dimensions of diversity and work hard to make sure all voices are heard, respected and represented.  

In January, when nVent announced our inclusion in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index, it was a validation of the steps we have taken to integrate inclusion and diversity into how we do business. Choosing to submit the survey—the results of which are published regardless of the outcome—was an important step towards increased transparency about gender at nVent.  

“Choosing transparency is challenging for many organizations,” said Vice President for Inclusion and Diversity Laura Brock. “In a male dominated industry, some might view taking external surveys as a risk. Because of our commitment to building a solid Inclusion and Diversity infrastructure, we felt confident that our results would be strong.” 

Building a workplace that supports women in doing their best work takes a variety of forms. At nVent, we offer formalized training on inclusion, include unconscious bias elimination in our code of conduct and ask every executive leadership team member to develop a diversity action plan for their area of the company. nVent leaders also leverage Employee Engagement Survey results from female respondents to ensure we are meeting their needs across the globe.  

The formation of the Global Women’s Network (GWN) employee resource group has also been an important step. The group provides education, networking, development and business opportunities for women at all levels at nVent. 

“We established GWN two years ago with the objective of providing inspiration, visibility, career development, coaching and mentoring for women at nVent,” said Jasneet Kaur, VP of Business Development at nVent and GWN co-chair. “nVent is committed to equitable gender representation, inclusive company culture and work-life balance.”  

nVent is led by women at the highest levels—with a female CEO and CFO—and it is important to the company to continue to promote female leadership and gender equality throughout the organization. 

“Diversity, inclusiveness and gender equality are inherent to our business strategy,” said Kaur. “nVent provides a great work life balance to working moms with the flexibility to take care of family needs without sacrificing the opportunity to grow as leaders. Over the last 17+ years, nVent has given me every opportunity to advance and thrive and I am in my fourth leadership role here.” 

nVent’s emphasis on gender equality is operationalized through our goal, highlighted in our 2021 Social Responsibility Report, to increase representation of women in management by 25 percent by 2025. Committing to continued progress and reporting on gender equality empowers everyone across the company to make gender equality a priority, no matter their functional role.  

Brock emphasized that while being a member of the GEI is an important validation of nVent’s I&D strategy, it is only one milestone among many to come in nVent’s continued focus on equity and equality.  

“One of the reasons we’re so excited about GEI membership is that last year we published our goals around gender equity,” said Brock. “It’s a testament that the infrastructure and transparency we’re weaving into our policies and process is working; and we will continue to push forward and prioritize being a leader in gender equality.”