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As the holiday season approaches, many are hunkering down at home instead of making elaborate travel plans. And many are using this time to make long overdue repairs around the house. Let’s look at some freeze protection tips you can take to heart to keep your home safe and warm throughout the winter.

Freeze Protection Tips for the Outside of Your Home

While you may want to start your freeze protection journey in the warmth of the inside of your home, it’s essential that you take care of any fragile items on the outside as well.

Outdoor pipes are the first things to freeze during inclement weather, so it’s essential to ensure they are winterized. During particularly icy weeks, you may want to disconnect any outdoor hoses from faucets to drain the line and then insulate for protection.

While outside, you should also check for cracks and holes around the perimeter of your home. Even the smallest hole could be an entry point for freezing cold air. It’s important to fill in any holes around windows or doors with insulated foam and keep the outsider weather where it belongs.

You’ll also want to inspect your roof and perform the following:

  1. Clear out gutters before the first snow fall. Full gutters can only increase the chance that you will be affected by ice buildup.
  2. Check your attic ventilation and make sure it is not being blocked. During snowfall, blocked attic vents can contribute to dangerous ice dams.

Consider an Electric Pipe Freeze Protection System

Modern technology has created fool proof solutions to protect pipes from freezing around the home. You can attach electric pipe heating cable to the exterior of a water pipe and then cover with insulation. Then, these cables produce just enough heat to keep water pipes from freezing in winter.

Heat traced solutions are:

  • Easy to install: Because these systems are pre-assembled and can be cut to length, it often reduces the installation time and can be custom fit to any home.
  • Energy-efficient: Self-regulating cables adjust their power output based on the temperature, ensuring you will never use more energy than is needed. This means your system will be truly energy efficient.
  • Simple design, powerful solution: No matter what your unique needs are, self-regulating systems will always have an aesthetically pleasing solution.

If you are interested in learning more about how an nVent RAYCHEM heat traced solution can make your winter preparation easier moving forward, then connect with one of our Winter Experts today.

You can also download our free Winter eBook and learn how a complete solution can empower you for many winters to come. Download today!

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