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how-do-self-regulating-heating-cables-work with logos

How Do Self Regulating Heating Cables Work?

In 1972, the Raychem Corporation (now a part of nVent) patented and launched the world’s first self-regulating heating cable. Since then, the company has sold and installed over…

nVent HOFFMAN October 2022 Sales Comm

Huge solar power plant to use solar energy in a picturesque green field

What’s Next in nVent’s Sustainability Efforts?

We made excellent progress towards our sustainability goals in 2021. Being a good steward of the environment is integral to how we operate at nVent, and we strive…

how to stop my roof from leaking

How Do I Stop my Roof from Leaking in Winter?

Winter should be spent safely inside your home or workplace, not battling roof damage from pesky leaks caused by wear and tear, frozen gutters, and ice dams. You…

Career Story: Dylan J., Accounting Manager

Dylan shares how his managers investing in him have helped him grow his career at nVent.

Career Story: Sherry R., HR Vice President

Sherry R. shares how she grew with the nVent right out of high school and furthered her education.

Career Story: Linda K., VP of Technology

Linda K. discusses how innovation has been critical to her career growth at nVent.