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At nVent, we believe that safer systems ensure a more secure world. We connect and protect our customers with inventive electrical solutions.

Our Latest Stories

Culture-Shaping Activities Front and Center at nVent

Intentional, culture-shaping activities were a focus at nVent in 2020 and have been since our company launched. As we grow, that work will continue to be a foundational part of our…

nVent HOFFMAN Facility’s Transition to Renewables Expected to cut nVent Carbon Footprint by 10 Percent

At nVent, being a good steward of the environment is an integral part of our operations. One of our 2030 social responsibility Planet goals is to achieve a 25%…

2020 Social Responsibility Report Highlights Accomplishments and New Goals

We are excited to announce the launch of our 2020 Social Responsibility Report, which includes new social responsibility goals. At nVent, our social responsibility efforts are focused on three areas: People, Products and Planet. In 2020,…