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4 Reasons to Install nVent NUHEAT

When you have decided to install electric floor heating in your home, the next question becomes which company to turn to for help with product selection and for…

2 Products that Will Immediately Reduce Copper Theft Risk

Copper theft is proving to be a global epidemic, costing the U.S. alone $1 billion in losses, according to a 2010 study by the U.S. Department of Energy….

CADDY TV Episode 17 – Rick Demonstrates Couplers and a Bar Joist Hanger

Rick Demonstrates Couplers and a Bar Joist Hanger

Two Tips for Reducing the Rework of Rubber-Lined Pipe Clamps

RUBBER-LINED PIPE CLAMPS: Rubber-lined pipe clamps are common for installation of single runs of medium- and large-diameter pipe. Many options are available, but most look and behave alike….

Is Insulating Your Pipes Enough to Prevent Them from Freezing?

The freezing winter weather takes a toll on buildings and the infrastructure within them. Prolonged periods of freezing temperatures cause particular problems to exposed pipework around all types…

Electric Floor Heating Glossary

The Electric Floor Heating industry uses many terms that may not make sense to those unfamiliar with the  industry. While contractors may be more familiar with certain terms…

Preventative Winter Safety Solutions Cost Less Than Emergency Cures to Buildings and Infrastructure

As another winter rapidly approaches, so does the need to be prepared. This applies not just to humans, but to buildings and infrastructure as well. The harsh weather…

October Monthly Did You Know?

We kick off our first monthly “Did You Know?” feature … Did you know that you can install nVent NUHEAT in the shower?

3 Ways the New Alliance of Telecommunications Industry Solutions Guidelines Deter Copper Theft

Copper has been the most widely used material in telecommunication wiring due to its conductivity , relatively low cost and reliability and corrosion resistance in a wide range…

How to Prepare Your Plant for Winter

With the inevitable approach of cold weather, pipelines, vessels, instruments and other industrial  process equipment  will once again be the target of freezing temperatures. To avoid unpleasant surprises,…