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Moderntec is Supporting Sustainable Infrastructure Across South Korea

Electric transportation infrastructure is on the rise in South Korea. Cities across the country are working to make public infrastructure more sustainable and environmentally conscious. One example is…

Achieve Energy Savings Benefits with Smart Heat Tracing Controls

Industrial facilities are becoming more aware of the annual energy consumption within their plant and are looking for ways to bring that annual cost down. Many are investing…

rail world

nVent Rail World Offers Up Close Look at how nVent Rail Products Work Together

nVent improves railway safety and reliability with a wide range of solutions that connect and protect electrical systems and infrastructure through the network. Two newly launched online resources…

Auditing Your Industrial Facility

Why Audit Your Heat Management System?

All industrial facilities need to have processes operating properly and efficiently to meet the high demands of their production schedule.  Any disruption or shutdown can cost a facility…

heat management system audit

The Importance of Winterizing Power Plants

During an unexpected cold freeze, a lot of things can happen within a power plant. The US South East just experienced such an event that shutdown power to…

industrial MRO services

The Benefits of a Self-Regulating Heat Traced System

When it comes to maintaining pipe temperature, there are many different types of technology. Depending on your system, and the needs of your application, a self-regulating heat traced system may…

Signature Integration Partners - Home Automation Systems

nVent NUHEAT Launches New Drivers for Elan, RTI, Universal Devices, and URC Home Automation Systems

The nVent NUHEAT Signature thermostat is the most connected electric floor heating control on Earth! Actually, we’re pretty sure it’s the most connected in the entire solar system……

What’s Next in an Electrified World?

Have you ever thought about how much electricity affects the world around you? With each passing year it powers and connects more systems, creating all sorts of efficiencies….

heat tape vs heat cables

Heat Cables vs. Heat Tape: What is Best for My Project?

When it comes to ensuring your building is protected against winter weather, there are lots of options. Many will turn to heat tape or heat cables. But which…