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Protected: March 2019

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Insurance Costs Associated with Winter

The recent polar vortex left a long trail of damage and inconvenience in its wake, with buildings, homes and cars suffering damage in the storm. AccuWeather.com even estimated…

Winter Tips: A #LoveWinter Blog Roundup

The polar vortex may be winding down, but now building owners are having to deal with the aftermath of the extreme cold. The storm caused massive damage to…

Protected: February 2019

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Winter Storm Hacks that DON’T Work

This year, there has already been a fair amount of Winter storms in North America, and around the world. These Winter storms have closed roads and schools, canceled…

The Challenges Offshore Vessels Face in Cold Climates

Ever since the discovery of large quantities of natural resources in arctic environments, governments have been attracted to further exploration and development of oil. In addition to the…

Is Insulation Enough for Winter Protection?

For many homes and business, insulation can protect pipes throughout the majority of the year. However, during Winter months is when the power of insulation is put the…

Is Installing A Pipe Freeze Protection System Difficult?

While you may know you need a heat trace system to protect your pipes for the winter, there are still many questions surrounding the design and installation process….