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nVent and Rise Celebrate Decades of Successful Partnership

nVent is Rise’s largest work site and its longest-tenured A sense of community has always been a defining feature of the nVent facility in Anoka, Minn. From participating…

commercial checklist

Winter Maintenance Checklist: Preparing Your Commercial Building

Winter is quickly approaching, bringing with it many risks for building owners. Ice, snow and freezing temperatures once again threaten the safety of commercial and residential buildings. The last…

heat management system audit

The Importance of Winterizing Industrial Power Plants

During an unexpected cold freeze, a lot of things can happen within industrial power plants. The US South East just experienced such an event that shutdown power to…

keeps pipes from freezing

Protect Pipes from Freezing and more: Winter Comfort When Working from Home

Since the second quarter of 2020, many workers were forced to move their jobs from an office building to a home office. In fact, over 50% of Americans were either “always” or “sometimes”…

Protecting the Online World from Costly Disruption

As the world becomes more electric, data centers need to scale up their operations to support the demand for reliable internet and cloud services. When people want to…

nVent Employees Come Together to Serve Their Communities

nVent employees are committed to strengthening the communities where they live and work. Over the last several weeks, teams of nVent employees contributed their time and resources to…

Conserving Historic Buildings With Aesthetically Pleasing Roof Ice Melt Systems

It is becoming increasingly important for architects to focus on the conservation and renovation of older buildings, as opposed to designing and creating new ones. Preserving historic architecture…

Residential Applications

Residential Safety and Comfort from nVent RAYCHEM and nVent NUHEAT

Now is the time to ensure your home will be safe and comfortable this winter! Don’t let extreme weather events, like 2021’s Winter Storm Uri, catch you off…

prefab rebar cage

The Difference of a Few Turns: Saving Time and Labor on a High-Profile Construction Project

Anyone who has watched a new building go up in their neighborhood knows construction can be a time-consuming process. With this in mind, it’s easy to imagine the…

Auditing Your Industrial Facility

Why Audit Your Heat Management System?

All industrial facilities need to have processes operating properly to meet the demands of their production schedule. Any disruption or shutdown can cost a facility millions of dollars….